Most people realize that dentistry is changing rapidly. There are so many high-tech options available today, it is difficult to know which treatments are best. It is worthwhile understanding what the choices are.

The website seeks to explain, in simple laymanís language, many of todayís treatment options.


Most topics are covered in the Find Out About section, but there is probably even more information in various editions of the Newsletters.


For those people who are really inquisitive, check some of the published articles. They contain a little jargon but most will understand what is being explained, even if just by examining the photographs.


Incidentally, you are probably wondering about Milo. She was a poodle / bearded collie cross who died recently at the age of twenty. She had a great personality, a sense of fun and, best of all, a knockout smile. What better reason to have her on the website?

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Mimicking Tooth Straightening†††††††††††††††† Treating The Cross-bite Tooth††††††

The Terminated Tunnel Restoration†††††††† The Case for Minimal Intervention Dentistry

Replacing the Extracted Incisor†††† †††††††††† ††† Cases of Assumed Identity

Composite Facings (Managing The Peg Lateral)†††††† ADA News Bulletin Column

A New System For Disclosing Plaque In The Home Setting†††

Bite Magazine Interview†††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††††† Big Ideas Interview

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